North Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District special primary concluded this morning, with thousands of eastern North Carolina voters coming out and casting their ballots.

The election for the state’s 3rd congressional district seat follows the death of Congressman Walter B. Jones, a member of the Republican party, who passed away in February. Jones held his seat as a congressional representative from 1995 to his death.

The special primary resulted in two Republican candidates going to a runoff and one Democratic candidate, Allen Thomas, former Greenville mayor, winning with 50 percent of his party’s votes.

“For the Democratic side, the winner is Allen Thomas with a total of 12,883 votes, Greg Murphy wins the Republican side with a total of 9,505 votes, and Tim Harris wins the Libertarian side with a total of 75 votes,” according to an article from WNCT 9.

Thomas won the Democratic nomination with 50 percent of the votes, equaling 12,883 votes, according to Ballotpedia. While Richard Bew, the Democratic runner-up, received only received 6,502 votes which translates to 25.2 percent of the total votes.

Republican candidates Greg Murphy, a state representative, and Joan Perry, a first-time candidate and pediatrician, will be heading to a runoff following this morning’s results due to neither Murphy or Perry receiving more than 30 percent of the total votes.

Murphy received 9,505 votes which count for 22.5 percent of the total Republican votes tallied this morning. Perry received 6,510 votes which equal 15.4 percent, according to Ballotpedia.

The winner of the runoff between Republican candidates, Murphy and Perry will move on to represent their party in the general election this upcoming Sept. 10. According to a News & Observer article, the primary runoff will take place on July 9.

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