Kimberly W. Strach (pictured) has worked in the past as the executive director of the N.C. State Board of Elections.

Co-chairs of the University of North Carolina (UNC) Presidential Search Committee Wendy Murphy and Randy Ramsey recently announced the appointed director of the UNC System Presidential Search Committee is Kimberly W. Strach.

In a UNC System press release, it was said Strach will begin the role effective immediately.

Co-Chairs Murphy and Ramsey said in a joint statement, “Kim is the perfect choice to serve as director, due to her outstanding record of professional service of nearly two decades at the N.C. State Board of Elections, her integrity and her exemplary professional reputation.”

Strach is a graduate of East Carolina University who received a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

Strach has served on the North Carolina State Board of Elections for the past 19 years. In 2013, she was appointed as executive director of the board, which she held until May 31 of this year, according to the press release.

As executive director of the NC State Board of Elections, Strach oversaw each of the 100 county board of elections in the state in the “administration of elections and statewide compliance of campaign finance laws,” the press release stated.

Strach was the 2007 recipient of The Democracy Award from Common Cause North Carolina, according to the press release.

In a released statement Strach said she wanted to thank the committee for appointing her and giving her the opportunity to serve.

“I am confident that this committee will discover the perfect candidate to lead the UNC System as President,” Strach said.

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