On Wednesday, House Bill 389, which would allow universities to sell alcohol at stadiums, athletic facilities and arenas on University of North Carolina System school's property, was passed in the North Carolina House of Representatives.

House Bill 389 said no businesses on the campus or property of a public school, college or university would be issued a permit to sell alcohol unless they met one of the following exceptions: a regional facility, a property owned by a local board of education for 99 years or more, a hotel, nonprofit alumni organization, eating establishments or retail businesses on the property, or a golf courses owned by the public college or university for public use.

The bill additionally stated that no permit shall be issued for the sale of malt beverages, unfortified wine or fortified wine at performing arts centers at a property owned by public colleges or universities. These sales would also be allowed at any stadium which supports a NASCAR sanctioned one-fourth mile track owned by a public college.

The Board of Trustees of each public college or university in the UNC System will get to vote whether or not their institution chooses to adopt the issuance of permits. If the Board decides to do so they would need to provide written notice to the Commission that permits will be allowed.

This bill does not authorize the sale of mixed beverages at sporting events being sponsored by a public college or university.

“A stadium, athletic facility, or arena on the campus or property of a public college or university, if the Board of Trustees of the public college or university has voted to allow the issuance of permits for use at that stadium, athletic facility, or arena,” House Bill 389 stated.

Representative John Bell, one of the sponsors of the bill, took to Twitter to celebrate the bill passing in the house.

“It is official! My bill to give @UNC_System (UNC System) schools the option to sell beer/wine at athletic games just passed the House & is on the way to the @NC_Governor (Roy Cooper) for his signature. One last step before becoming law,” Bell said in a tweet Wednesday afternoon.

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