East Carolina University’s Thomas Harriot Colleges of Arts and Sciences (THCAS) was appointed as the new interim dean, Allison Danell, a current associate professor of chemistry.

The appointment of Danell as interim dean will go into effect July 1, and is currently pending approval by the UNC Board of Governors, according to an ECU News Services press release. She will succeed William Downs, who served as dean of the college for 5 years.

Danell became an ECU faculty member in 2004. She obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from Truman State University in chemistry, carried on to UNC-Chapel Hill where she received her doctorate in 2001 and followed on to participate in a postdoctoral fellowship at the Rowland Institute at Harvard.

According to the press release, Danell will be promoted to the rank of professor on Aug. 16.

Danell additionally undertook the Director of Undergraduate Studies position in the chemistry department and was interim department chair from 2014 to 2015, according to ECU News Services. In addition, she was the lead principal investigator for the Golden LEAF Foundation on a $1.1 million grant, which was awarded to initiate the Pharmaceutical Development Center at ECU.

ECU Provost Ron Mitchelson said he is pleased to see Danell accept the role as THCAS interim dean, according to the press release.

“The Harriot College of Arts and Sciences is central to our mission of student success and regional transformation. Allison has illustrated her commitment to both of those dimensions as a superior teacher an engaged scholar (pharmaceutical science and industry), and an important partner in ECU’s Finish in Four initiative,” Mitchelson said in a released statement.

As interim dean, Danell will oversee the largest college at ECU. THCAS has almost 5,500 declared undergraduate majors and 54 undergraduate and graduate degree programs in 16 departments, according to the press release.

“I am honored that Provost Ron Mitchelson has asked me to step into this leadership role. As a professor and program director,” Danell said. “I have always felt that ECU’s Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences is critically important to our identity as a university.”

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