Bid Day

A group of girls receive their bids in Minges Coliseum.

Nearly 500 Panhellenic women met at Minges Coliseum on Tuesday to “run home” to one of the ten chapters, cheering courtside, on East Carolina University’s campus after a week long recruitment process.

ECU senior, Haylie Dockery, said she was one of the recruitment counselors, or a Pi Chi, who helped potential new members go through recruitment. Dockery said she was nervous for the women going through recruitment and hopes they landed in the sorority that best fit them.

“I was just pretty nervous that our girls wouldn’t receive bids to the houses that they really wanted or that they would decide they would want to leave the process because it just didn’t feel right to them,” Dockery said.

Marian Sanders, senior Pi Chi leader, agreed with Dockery’s fear about not being able to help women find their home within one out of the ten sororities on campus.

“We’ve made a relationship with them the past six days and I feel like I would be just as hurt if they were hurt or disappointed in their decision,” Sanders said. “We just want them to go through the process and be happy at the end of it.”

However, John Mountz, director of Greek life at ECU, said he did not share the same anxiety as most of the women involved.

“I’m not nervous about anything,” Mountz said. “I really just want to see our students have a great time. They’re going to be excited.”

According to Mountz, there were about 500 women going through recruitment this year who were to receive bids. Mountz said with all of the active and new sorority members, there was a total of about 1,500 students at Minges.

“I think just to see the women who are joining get their bids, they’ve gotten them, they’re excited. We’re going to see them run home to their chapters here in a little bit and that’s just a really fun thing to see,” Mountz said.

After Potential New Members (or PNMs) received their bids in the upper decks of Minges and active chapter members ran in courtside to stand in their respective spots, the new members were invited down group by group to join their new sisterhood.

From there, new and active members, loaded onto buses and arrived at their respective chapter homes. At each of the sorority houses, the celebrations continued with music, dancing and food being served to members.

Brooke Higgison, a freshman communication major, was a PNM who found her sisterhood with Alpha Delta Pi. Higgison said after hearing both her father and sister talk about how much they enjoyed their Greek life experiences, she decided to go through the recruitment process.

“I hope to find my best friends and lifelong friends through joining a sorority and just really having a really good time throughout the rest of my college experience,” Higgison said.

Freshman elementary education major, Cornelia Monti, said after going through the recruitment process with an open mind, she found her new home with Delta Zeta.

Monti described Bid Day as “the best experience ever,” and is happy that now she will become a part of something “larger than herself.”

“To be able to run home to a group of girls that love you and care about you is amazing,” Monti said.

Monti said she hopes to get a sisterhood that supports her and plans to get involved with her school community more throughout her sisterhood.

For Sanders, becoming a part of Greek life has already affected her professional life with the “endless networking” that being in a sorority has provided. Sanders said being put in a leadership position for 200 girls and having their support has made her grow as a person.

“They make you become the best person that you can be and it’s not all about going out and partying, it’s also about being scholarly and becoming a leader as well,” Sanders said.

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