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President Donald Trump addresses the crowd at the campaign rally in Minges Coliseum.

East Carolina University News Services released a statement this afternoon as a follow-up to President Trump’s visit to campus on Wednesday.

The press release was addressed to the ECU community and reiterated the university’s previous statements involving how the campaign rally was not sponsored or endorsed by ECU. According to the press release, ECU had to comply with federal, state and University of North Carolina guidelines in reference to free speech.

“The Trump Campaign rented Minges Coliseum, which is available to any for-profit or non-profit group. With this event and with any event on our campus, the University does not control, and is not responsible for, the content of speech,” according to the press release.

The press release said ECU is a diverse community which attracts students, faculty and staff from across the region, state, nation and world. It states ECU is a welcoming and accepting campus which provides people the opportunity and environment to share their thoughts and views.

According to the press release, ECU welcomes and encourages civil discourse on campus. The press release said the university will facilitate “such conversations” on campus during the fall semester.

“The U.S. Constitution allows the intellectual and individual freedom of expression that enables us to live our mission,” according to the press release. “These freedoms do not protect the right to hear and listen to only what is convenient and agreeable but do protect the right to be able to respond and express one’s views.”

According to the press release, the ECU community strives to live out our “ECU Creed” while working toward a community which cherishes diversity and values the community and nation.

Names listed at the end of the ECU News Services Press Release include: Interim Chancellor Dan Gerlach, Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Ron Mitchelson, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance Sara Thorndike, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement Chris Dyba, Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences Mark Stacy, Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development and Engagement Jay Golden, Vice-chancellor for Student Affairs Virginia Hardy and University Counsel and Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs Donna Payne.

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