The project taking place between Slay Hall and the MCSC is running three to four weeks behind schedule. The original expected completion date was in August, but is now expected to end in early to mid-September.

Completion of the steam pipe construction between Slay Hall and the Main Campus Student Center (MCSC) has been delayed until September, and construction on College Hill isn’t expected to begin until late September.

Project Manager Robert Still said the project taking place between Slay Hall and the MCSC is running three to four weeks behind schedule. The original expected completion date was in August, but is now expected to end in early to mid-September.

Still said crews are working to complete construction in the Slay parking lot, “the wooded area” between Slay and the student center and moving to the grass area between Joyner and the MCSC. He said they’re trying to “get to the service side of that screen wall (Pirate Vision Board)” on the student center before move-in begins on Aug. 15.

Once construction is in the service area it will not impact students or traffic, Still said.

“We’re pushing to get through there, but we’ve run into some problems with some existing conditions we didn’t know about, so the schedule is split from right now. I would project a mid-September completion,” Still said.

The College Hill neighborhood project is currently underway behind both Gateway and Tyler Residence Halls which is expected to end in early August before on-campus living residents move in.

Still said the road will be opened back up in time for residents to move in, but the crews will still be in the area doing restoration work and cleanup.

The College Hill Drive project will shut down the entire east side of College Hill Drive. Fencing is expected to go up in late July and construction will begin in late September/early October.

Construction is expected to be completed by May 2020 or Summer Session One 2020 at the latest. Still said he is trying to bid an early work package in order to set up the signage and barricades before freshman move-in.

Still said for the College Hill Drive steam pipe project, the contractors need to mobilize before the students move-in. He said he is currently in the process of trying to bid the job, but the plan is to have a contractor on site at the end of July or first week of August.

Still said he should have a contractor on the College Hill Drive Steam project at the end July or first week of August at 10th Street installing fencing, barricades and signage about when the traffic pattern will change.

Still said he wants to get fencing up early so students are expecting the construction when they move in and aren’t surprised when the contractor mobilizes in September or October.

The parking lot at the bottom of the east side of College Hill Drive will have to be closed off with concrete barricades. This construction will impact College Hill from the bottom of 10th Street to Todd Dining Hall Bus Stop, which will have to be moved to in front of College Hill Suites, Still said. The Jones Bus Stop will have to move about 50 to 75 feet back.

The sidewalk will be shut down once the fencing goes up until portions of the project are completed and then it will be reopened in sections, Still said.

Still said, during construction, the Marching Pirates practice field must be accessible as it is used regularly during the fall.

“We are gonna have to provide access to the band practice field, and I don’t know exactly what that’s gonna look like yet, because the designers are working on those details, but we’re gonna have to, we’re providing access to the band field, by one way or another,” Still said.

Director of Housing Operations at ECU, Aaron Lucier, said housing operations have been working with facility services to make sure students have a safe route down College Hill.

According to Lucier, “almost any construction work that scale is going to impact students, we’re trying to minimize that impact.”

Lucier said the construction may change how traffic is routed, but he doesn’t believe it will impact “the move-in experience too much.”

“With a little bit of planning, we’re gonna make sure the routes are safe. There's always a clear walkway for students and (so) traffic can get through the area,” Lucier said.

Chase Osborne, freshman business major, said he plans on living in Scott Residence Hall on College Hill in the fall.

Osborne believes fencing being installed two months before construction makes the area around the construction site safer for students. Osborne said he thinks the project may affect his commute to campus.

“So I’m actually an athlete as well, so I have to go to practice in the morning and I think it could be a little bit annoying on the way to class and practice,” Osborne said.

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