Greenville citizens can now rent water equipment, such as kayaks and paddle boards, to be used on the Tar River.

Riverside Recreation, a new business on Dickinson Avenue in Uptown Greenville, is now open to the public and will be renting out various recreational equipment to residents such as kayaks, paddle boards and bicycles.

Darnesha King, the owner of Riverside Recreation, said the business is located at 817 Dickinson Avenue across from MPourium and Stumpy’s Hatchet House.

King said they rent out single kayaks, tandem kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, peddle boats and bicycles. She said the equipment is for rental only and not for sale.

According to King, Riverside Recreation offers regular rentals as well as membership packages, the membership packages discount the rental price by 30 percent for singles, 40 percent for couples or 50 percent for families. King said the single membership price is for one person on the account, couples prices are for two people and family prices are for immediate family.

“We’re really trying to encourage people to connect with each other and spend time together,” King said.

King said the membership packages are an opportunity to do this while earning a discount. She said the couples package does not necessarily have to be a couple, it could be any two individuals. She said the family rental package is for immediate family only and ensures all family members 50 percent off rentals.

Most of their rental equipment is meant for the Tar River, King said, such as kayaks, peddle boats and paddle boards. The tandem bicycles offer access to the Greenway and Town Common’s park.

The rental options could expand in the future, according to King. She said they plan on offering jet ski rentals “hopefully” by next month. She said they also hope to offer river tubing down the Tar River and a taxi service by the end of summer. The taxi service will take renters back to the Town Common from where their tube ride ends.

“The majority of our rentals are for the river, but the longer we’ve been in business, the more rentals we hope to offer,” King said.

King said the shortest rental session is two hours, but they also offer four-hour sessions and eight-hour sessions. She said the prices vary depending on how many people fit on each vessel.

According to Kind, single vessel prices, such as the stand-up boards and single kayaks, are $20 for two hours, $40 for four hours and $80 for eight hours. The membership discounts apply to these prices.

King said the double vessel prices, like the tandem bicycles and kayaks, are raised slightly and would be $25 for two hours, $50 for four hours and $100 for eight hours. She said multi-person vessels, such as the peddle boats, can fit up to five and are $30 for two hours, $60 for four hours and $120 for eight hours.

According to King, Riverside Recreation’s motto is “rested, replenished, reconnected” and this motto embodies what its goal is as a business.

“We want to see people finding rest, as far as taking a break from the hectic and the chaos of the day to day,” King said. “Getting replenished by doing recreational activities and reconnecting with those who are important to them.”

Talia Edwards, general manager of Riverside Recreation, said she wants Greenville residents to know the Tar River is there for everyone and they want to provide a way for people to access it.

“As a team, we really want to empower people to know that they can do it, it’s really easy, and it’s super fun,” Edwards said.

Edwards said Riverside Recreation is currently hiring and encourages students to apply. The business is looking for people who are compassionate, hardworking and enjoy the outdoors.

Heather Duncan, a resident of Greenville and customer at Riverside Recreation, said her family enjoyed the rentals and are thankful for the opportunities the business is providing.

“We had a blast,” Duncan said. “It’s so nice to have these options for outdoor fun with the family.”

To apply for a position or inquire about rentals, Riverside Recreation can be contacted at (252)-561-5070 or at riversiderecreationrentals@gmail.com.


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