The statue of Pee Dee the Pirate located on the ECU Mall was knocked over around 6:30 p.m. on Nov. 24.

An eyewitness reported that a group of eight to 10 college-aged adults knocked Pee Dee over that night.

Upon seeing the event happen, the witness yelled at the group, which caused the group to disperse and leave in two unidentified vehicles.

Currently no suspects have been caught and no significant damage has been reported.

The statue is bolted down into a 400-pound concrete pad firmly placed into the ground. According to President and CEO of the ECU Alumni Association, if people wiggled the statue enough, it would be loosened from the bolts and could easily be knocked over.

According to Lt. Christ Sutton of the ECU Police the case will remain open until no suspects are found and there are no more leads in the case.

“If it was an ECU student, I just feel like they don’t have any pride in their school,” said Molly Newbern, sophomore history education major.

Lt. Sutton said the ECU public would find any damage to important university landmarks disrespectful.

“With any property we have on campus, it’s disrespectful for it to be damaged and particularly a likeness to the university mascot or to any of the university landmarks would be viewed by the student body or the public as even greater disrespect,” said Lt. Sutton.

The Pee Dee on the Mall is one of 16 statues that were created and auctioned off at an ECU Alumni Association fundraiser around 2008.

Roddy Seymore purchased the Pee Dee statue that is currently on the mall and donated it back to the Alumni Association.

Pee Dee is insured up to $4,000 and any damage done on the statue will be covered up to that amount. Paul Clifford, president and CEO of the ECU Alumni Association, said that the Alumni association is committed to fully repairing Pee Dee.

“The alumni association is committed to have Pee Dee repaired and returned back to the original space for future generations of Pirates to enjoy,” Clifford said.

Clifford said that generations of Pirates have been drawn to Pee Dee for years. Many pictures are taken around it, and the association had no idea the statue would become such an iconic symbol.

“It’s become so much more than what ever thought it could be,” said Clifford.

Clifford added that to have such an important symbol be abused is disrespectful to the university.

“Something that was a nice gift for the university turned out to be iconic destination for visitors on our campus. For an iconic destination to be damaged, it was disrespectful,” said Clifford.

In the past other Pee Dee statues have been stolen. The statues that are in front of the University Book Exchange and Greenville City Hall were stolen but recovered with very little damage.

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