The project stretches from Hooker Road to Evans Street, and is the last segment of Arlington Blvd. to be repaired as a result of the project.

Construction on Arlington Boulevard between Hooker Road and Evans Street is to begin today, and it will continue until the end of August, causing many drivers to take alternate routes.

The project will finish on the Evans Street to Hooker Road side of Arlington Boulevard in August and will then move to the Evans Street to Greenville Boulevard section where the project will be completed by the end of the year, according to Director of Public Works, Kevin Mulligan.

According to Mulligan, Arlington Boulevard has not been repaired since it was constructed.

The section being worked on currently is the last segment of Arlington Blvd. to be repaired as a result of the project, which has been going on for the past four years, according to Mulligan. When the final section of the road is complete, the road will have been completely repaved from Fire Tower Road to Fifth Street, Mulligan said.

“This is the most complex segment because this one was in the poorest shape. Not only have there been road issues but also stormwater issues,” Mulligan said.

Due to J.H. Rose High School’s location on Arlington Boulevard. it was decided for construction to take place over the summer, which would in turn impact fewer students, according to Mulligan. He said the project was started “so quickly” due to this reason.

Existing stormwater pipes will be replaced as a part of this project. Utilities in need of correction or adjustment will additionally be fixed during the process, Mulligan said.

“This is not a road resurfacing project, ya know, they’re excavating the road to a depth in most places a foot. In other places, we’re replacing the stormwater piping, there’s some utility work besides the stormwater piping that needs to be done. But for the most part, it’s a stormwater and roadway rehabilitation project,” Mulligan said.

An extension to the Green Mills Run Greenway will be added during the project. This Greenway extends from Charles Boulevard to Evans Street and will make its way Arlington Boulevard and Hooker Road, Mulligan said.

Mulligan said during the entirety of the Arlington Boulevard project there will be detour signs posted but he doesn't recommend drivers on Arlington look for detours once they get to Evans or Hooker road.

Mulligan said there are many alternate routes drivers can take during construction. One route is Tenth Street and Greenville Boulevard to Memorial Drive to get to the hospital.

“We (Public Works) understand this is a significant interruption. Our job is to protect and improve the cities infrastructure. That's what we’re doing, we just ask for patience and we understand that this is an inconvenience. There are posted detours but there are multiple routes available to get around these closures,” Mulligan said.

According to the project's webpage, traffic will be detoured to Hooker Road, Greenville Boulevard, or Evans Street during the duration of this project.

There will be two phases of construction for each direction of traffic on this section of Arlington Blvd, according to the project's webpage. The city will maintain one-way traffic on the side of Arlington that is not under construction, the webpage said.

Arlington Blvd. will be repaved in front of J.H. Rose High School between Hooker Road and Evans Street This area is located in District 2, which is represented by City Council Member Rose Glover.

Glover said a lot of people commute on Arlington Blvd from Brody School of Medicine and hospital to other areas of town.

“It does impact the community, going out and coming in, but the community are well welcoming, areas (and) roads like that that need to be done and Arlington Boulevard really needs to be finished because there’s big potholes, there's cracks and all kinds of things like that going on with it,” Glover said.

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