1.25 miles of Arlington Blvd. between Hooker Road and Greenville Blvd., which remain in poor condition, will be rehabilitated.

The Arlington Boulevard Improvements Project will remove and reconstruct pavement, replace stormwater infrastructure, upgrade ADA ramps, replace damaged curbs, install new pavement markings and construct a greenway path and new sidewalks along the road, according to a script of Thursday’s Greenville City Council meeting, provided by Greenville Public Information Officer Brock Letchworth.

1.25 miles between Hooker Road and Greenville Boulevard, which remain in poor condition, will be rehabilitated, the script said.

This is the final phase of construction on Arlington Boulevard, the busiest road in Greenville, according to Director of Public Works, Kevin Mulligan.

During Thursday night’s council meeting, Mulligan said in some sections of the road one foot deep of pavement will be replaced. 2,000 feet of damaged curb will be replaced during construction.

The Project Bid Breakdown was $3,745,434 for roadways, $603,000 for stormwater and $139,050 for the greenway, according to Mulligan.

Mulligan recommended the Greenville City Council award a construction contract for the project to Fred Smith Company of Raleigh, North Carolina for $4,487,484, which was unanimously approved by the council.

This project consists of four phases. Phase one of the project is on the eastbound lanes between Hooker Road and Evans Street. The second phase is between the westbound lane on the same roads. This work is expected to be completed in August 2019, according to the script.

The third and fourth phases will rehabilitate the eastbound lanes between Evans Street and Greenville Boulevard and then move to the final phase on the westbound lanes of Evans Street and Greenville Boulevard. Work is expected to be completed in December 2019, according to the script.

Mulligan said “time is of the essence” and the contractor will have seven days of the week and nighttime hours to work on the project.

The traffic control plan is to maintain one-way traffic in the opposite direction of lanes under construction. There will still be access to business and other institutions on Arlington Boulevard, according to the script.

Detours will be posted throughout the project, but additional travel time needs to be taken into consideration.

During phase one, eastbound traffic will have to detour south on Hooker Road, east on Greenville Boulevard and north on Evans Street, the script said. With phase two, westbound traffic will have to detour south on Evans Street, west on Greenville Boulevard and north on Hooker Road, according to the script.

Throughout phase three, drivers will need to take the detour south on Evans Street and east on Red Banks Road where it will connect west on Red Banks Road and north on Evans Street, the script said.

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