Recent events that have happened in the news with mass shootings, especially the one that took place at a Walmart in Texas and Mississippi, has caused the corporation to decide to ban open carry in their store, and stop the selling of handgun ammunition and some rifles. I believe that even though this is a good step in terms of preventing mass shooters and shootings from happening, it won’t prevent them from getting their hands on guns overall.

Shootings take place practically every single day, whether they are small shootings that involve pistols and one person, grand scale shootings like Sandy Hook or the ones that have taken place as of this year. This is something that has been going on for far too long.

Presidents have talked about what they want to do in terms of preventing tragic events like this, but I have not really seen where they have made the actual effort to prevent these shootings from happening.

Walmart is one of the biggest corporations in the world. Just like McDonald’s, you can go to basically every single town and find a Walmart. People have gotten their rifles and ammo from Walmart. Seeing recent events made those in power over Walmart take the necessary step to try and take away means of acquiring a gun.

The biggest debate that has been sparked as a result of recent events is whether the Second Amendment should be upheld. My thoughts on this is that we should have the right to bear arms to be able to protect our families from harm.

After seeing what has gone on in the news, I believe that people should not be able to have assault weapons in their homes. The only gun people should have is a handgun. It still does a lot of damage obviously, but won’t go berserk as an assault weapon has the potential of doing.

We all have heard the saying that we only live life once. Life is too precious and valued to have those who are not straight in the mind go out and take other people’s lives for whatever reason or excuse they will try to give the law.

One way that we can help prevent these massive shootings from taking place is to have everyone that wants to acquire a gun go through a thorough background check with the police, and for city officials to make sure that they do not have any bad intentions.

In the midst of the background check, they will have to take a lie detector test to make sure that they are telling the truth and not just saying what they need to say to get their hands on the guns.

After getting through that background check, they will have a very limited selection of weapons to choose from. Giving people free will to choose what type of guns they can get has caused these events in human history. Until those in power put their foot down and really make an effort to better the lives of everyone in the country, more and more lives will continue to be taken by the psychotic people in the world.

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