Growing up in a military family, I have traveled around the United States, moving from state to state, my entire life. With that traveling around, came the experience of learning the characteristics of different drivers in different cities. Between driving through cities in California, Florida and Virginia, Greenville, North Carolina, has the worst drivers I have ever witnessed.

Just last year, Greenville was ranked first in the state of North Carolina for the most crashes, according to WNCT. While the Greenville Police Department stated they were going to work with community members to increase safety on the roads, there is still work that needs to be done.

Filled with careless college students driving around trying to get to their classes, and the older couples who don’t care if they are going 20 miles per hour over the speed limit, Greenville drivers definitely do not have any sense of caution or patience. Being that we are a college town, it is especially important for our drivers to be aware of their surroundings. I can’t even recall the amount of times I have seen a college student nearly get nicked by the front bumper of a car.

Personally, after living in Greenville for two years I have already been rear ended by a woman going 45 when I was at almost at a complete stop in front of her. This was the first accident I had ever been in and it happened right here on 10th Street. I am not claiming she was distracted, or that she was in the wrong, but something caused her to crash into me when I was on my way to work.

Turn signals work wonders. If you are planning on taking a turn, do not wait until you are immediately in front of the entrance to where you are turning at to turn on your signal. There has been many occasions where I have almost rear ended another driver because they take a turn I am not expecting and do not have the proper amount of time to slow down.

For some reason, I have found that Greenville drivers like to go way above the posted speed limit. Don’t get me wrong, I will typically go your average five miles above, but when another driver is riding the tail of my car trying to go ten or fifteen over when I am technically already speeding is ridiculous. I have already been pulled over once in my life for going ten over the posted speed limit, so in my case, I would advise those to stick to the regulated limit.

Overall, Greenville drivers need to realize the danger they are putting themselves and their community in with their driving habits and focus on road safety.

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