The students of East Carolina University can seemingly not enjoy a semester of classes without a scandal involving university officials. Mere months after the Dan Gerlach videos surfaced and his subsequent resignation as interim chancellor, allegations have risen regarding two ECU Board of Trustees members.

In a resolution from the UNC Association of Student Governments, ECU Board of Trustees members Phil Lewis and Robert Moore were alleged to have given a student financial support to run for Student Body President.

We, the editorial staff of The East Carolinian, believe that, if these claims are accurate, members Lewis and Moore, as well as any other person deemed to have broken the laws and policies set forth, should be punished accordingly.

On a deeper level, one would think university officials would have learned their lesson from the Gerlach situation and ensuing fallout. Pending the outcome of the investigation into Lewis and Moore, this situation could be yet another black eye on a university that does not need it at this juncture.

If these allegations are true, all wrong-doing should be allowed to come to the surface for law enforcement, as well as the students, to see what is going on behind closed doors at ECU.

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