President Donald Trump during the rally at ECU in July, 2019. 

If you have paid attention to the news lately, you have heard that the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump just ended yesterday with the United States Senate acquitting Trump of both impeachment charges.

Seeing how Trump’s impeachment trial went, I have to ask a couple of questions which I want people to keep in mind. Did this impeachment get Trump out of office? No. Has it ruined his chances of re-election? Probably not, if people don’t do what they are supposed to do by going out and voting.

In the history of the United States, two other presidents have faced impeachment trials in Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, while another president almost had to deal with it but chose to resign before the trial began in Richard Nixon. While each case may have been different in terms of severity, history has repeated itself once again in that the president who was impeached got to remain in office and finish off their term.

As a result of seeing this happen again, I believe that this whole impeachment process was just another event that was hyped up by the media.

I, along with everyone else that is either reading this article or active on the internet on a daily basis, have managed to hear update after update talking about what has gone on with the impeachment process or upcoming election.

The media has done a good job of keeping the people posted on the latest news regarding both situations. However, the latest news we have heard regarding the impeachment process didn’t do anything. The Senate decided to acquit the impeachment charges of Trump yesterday, so long story short he is staying in office.

People want to get all excited about somebody being impeached but little do they think about what the impeachment process consists of. Just like a court case, a claim has to be made, evidence has to support the claim and a big trial has to take place. Democrats tried to make a claim against Trump for the way he abused his power. Seeing how the trial ended up, I have to say again, that this impeachment process did nothing once again.

While seeing a president impeached may sound exciting to the common man because of how rare something like this happens, it brought up a point within my mind that has been found to happen more times than not. That point is history will find a way to repeat itself. No matter how much people may be displeased with a president’s actions, and want to see them removed from office, they find a way to end up serving the rest of their terms. This impeachment process was hyped up by the media with no change.

The only thing that can happen at this point is come election day, people need to go out to the voting poll and vote for who they think will best run this country.

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Your article is basically pointless.

Impeachment is the equivalent of an indictment. It's a statement of charges. The Senate will vote to convict and remove, or to acquit. The result doesn't mean the charges are invalid; it means they decided (for whatever reason) not to remove him. President Clinton was impeached on perjury about a sexual act and obstruction of justice. His acquittal doesn't mean those things did not happen. Regardless of the outcome; both houses of Congress have jobs to do. The founded process was also intended for legislators to be impartial and faithfully execute the law, but many Senators from the beginning declared that they would support the President no matter what. There's nothing "exciting" about this trial; I don't know where you got that from, and it wasn't pointless - you just missed the point. Stay in school. You have a lot to learn.

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