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The first amendment to the United States Constitution protects every citizen’s right to practice, or not, any religion they would like. With a cultural mix as strong as America’s, it’s important that people understand and respect all the different religions that may be practiced by individuals of all faiths.

We, the editorial staff of The East Carolinian, believe the Celebration of Light, hosted by East Carolina University in the Main Campus Student Center, is a wonderful opportunity for students to become more culturally aware as the holiday season rapidly approaches.

Exposed to students of all different backgrounds and ethnicities while at ECU, events like the Celebration of Light are vital in educating people on the practices and beliefs each religion holds in the highest regard.

Moreover, any program that provides students with an opportunity to broaden their horizons and interact with others they may not have otherwise came into contact with, is beneficial and should be promoted as much as possible.

In the same vain, gatherings like the Celebration of Light are important, not just for the cultural benefits, but for the community value as well. At ECU, our differences, just as much as our similarities, are what make us a family.

For students and residents of Greenville to be able to attend events that celebrate differences and teach people to respect others no matter their beliefs really show that ECU is attempting to bring the student-body together and create a family culture.

For that, we can only be supportive when events like these take place on campus or in the surrounding Greenville area.

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