This can be a great time to pull out the board games with the people in your house. You could even do virtual gaming. Be mindful of sanitizing game pieces if needed. 

As the options for outdoor activities become limited due to the spread of coronavirus, people are finding alternative ways to keep themselves occupied while remaining indoors to quarantine themselves from the virus.

Physical health is important during a health crisis, but with local gyms closing to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, people may find themselves having to work out from home. Push-ups, squats, jumping jacks, lunges, sit-ups and stretches are examples of basic exercise routines people can follow. Workout materials such as weights, kettlebells or a stationary bike can also be useful in maintaining fitness in a safe, virus-free environment if it’s available.

Reading a book is an activity people can do to keep their minds engaged if they have free time available. Either it’s resuming a book that was previously neglected or starting a new one. For students, catching up on schoolwork and online classes are ways to be productive during this time.

People can also try out a new hobby or skill they have been wanting to work on but were eventually neglected or too busy to stick with the hobby. Some activities include learning a new language, cooking, practicing an instrument or scrapbooking. People can also online shop for items they wanted for themselves or to get for people in their lives.

Organizing a game night with family is a way to ease the stress for others and possibly sharing some laughs while spending some quality time with each other. Some classic family-friendly games include Uno, Monopoly, Clue or Scrabble. If a game console is available, one can also play any video games they have available with family or alone.

Watching TV or movies is one of the popular pastime methods. Streaming networks such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video and Disney+ all offer a variety of movies and shows people can binge-watch alone or with friends and family. “The Witcher,” “Narcos: Mexico,” “All American” and “Mad Men” are a few shows that are available on Netflix. People can also simply browse the recommended section on the streaming platforms to find something that could possibly interest them.

With the current state of affairs, people may not feel relaxed and secure in their own homes. Spending quality time with family can ease the tension surrounding the pandemic. Spending as much quality time with family is also a way to connect and catch up with individual lives, especially if parents or siblings work at an essential place of business and can’t afford to stay home. Whether it’s just engaging in conversation at the dinner table, relaxing and enjoying a scenic view on the patio or any family bonding activity are ways to feel relaxed.

Calling a long lost friend or family member can also be a pastime for some people. If people have a friend or a family that lives in a different state or country that is also affected by the pandemic, they should check on them and make sure they’re okay. Catching up on old family and friends could also serve as a possibility to reconnect in person after the pandemic cools down.

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