With mental health problems continuing to be a major issue among youth, it can be easy for students to feel as if they are the only person who feels a certain way. When that happens, it is incredibly important to reach out and ask for help.

The East Carolina University Counseling Center recently talked about the concept of seasonal depression, warning students to try and guard against it. It is a phenomenon where many see a drop in mental health with the passage of time, with some times of the year feeling worse than others.

We, the editorial staff of The East Carolinian, appreciate the efforts of ECU’s counselors to raise awareness for this prevailing issue, as well as the continued support by those mental health professionals. It is important to have people on campus fighting to help improve the mental state of the students who attend.

In the event that seasonal depression hits, students are encouraged to seek someone to talk to. This doesn’t have to be a professional. Sometimes, having good friends who understand you can serve a similar purpose.

Mental health is an important thing to monitor. Depression and anxiety can have a heavy impact on the ability to accomplish daily tasks, and performance can suffer while being under their effects.

Don’t wait to get help. If someone is sick, they go see a doctor; if someone breaks a bone, they go see a doctor; if someone has chronic issues, they go see a doctor. There is a stigma in society against reporting mental health problems, but if someone is suffering from ailments that can’t be seen, they should still go see a doctor, or a therapist/psychiatrist in this case.

The best thing a student can do for themselves in today’s world is to take care of themselves, especially when it comes to taking care of the mind.

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