Black History Month is the time to recognize the history and culture of African Americans in the United States.

East Carolina University is hosting several events during this month that will celebrate achievements of black Americans and how we can continue to recognize the effects that those before us have had on this country.

The Ledonia Wright Cultural Center will host another installment of their Diversity Dialogue Series on Feb. 17 from 3 to 4 p.m. This is a monthly series that focuses on topics related to diversity and social justice.

We, the editorial staff of The East Carolinian, believe that while Black History Month is important to celebrate every February, the accomplishments of the black community need more appreciation all year round.

Black History Month began in 1912 where it was just a week of celebration in February. The date was initially chosen to coincide with the birthday of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass, but was later changed to an entire month of celebration, and has remained as so.

While it may be nice to dedicate an entire month to focus on the accomplishments and effects that black people have had on this country as well as improvements of culture and society as a whole, it should be recognized year round. There are so many things this country has thanks to the ingenuity and knowledge of the black community.

The invention of the traffic light, the creation of popular music genres, the invention of the Super Soaker that is considered a staple in American households and so many other things would not exist if it were not for African Americans.

The United States would not have made it to the moon if it were not for the African American women that helped do the mathematical equations necessary to calculate various launch angles needed for the expedition that would have several astronauts circle the ,oon and make it back to Earth in one piece.

While this month is one that needs to be observed, every day should celebrate Black History.

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