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We, the editorial staff at The East Carolinian, appreciate that Dowdy Student Stores and University Book Exchange are making their textbooks affordable in order to compete with companies such as Chegg and Amazon. This year Dowdy added the Compare Textbooks feature which allows students.

Most students can’t afford hundreds of dollars of textbooks. It is important that textbook stores begin to have textbook prices comparable to those of online retailers, which many students have resorted to.

Some students do not purchase textbooks at all because they’re too expensive. Lowering textbook prices will make the learning environment more inclusive. A students right to study materials should not be dependent on their ability to afford textbooks when they already have to pay thousands for tuition.

Financial aid helps many students purchase their textbooks but not every student receives financial aid and may have to pay out of pocket. Not every student can rely on their parents to pay for their textbooks either.

There are many other expenses students are responsible for such as rent, utilities, car payments and monthly food expenses. While it is expected that there will be hundreds of dollars to pay for textbooks at the beginning of every semester it impacts how much money we’re able to spend on the bare necessities.

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