College students have found themselves feeling depressed and stressed at times throughout the academic year because of school, work, extracurriculars, the whole nine yards. We have found ourselves needing to take days off from everything to not kill ourselves (not literally) at the end of the day. I believe that Universities should give students mental health days to help better the experience for students all across the board physically, mentally and emotionally.

We find ourselves in stressful situations more times than not throughout the academic year. Some find that they have to balance classwork and homework with jobs while trying to figure out how they are going to pay rent. Freshmen find themselves to be stressed out adjusting to being away on top of trying to figure out how to balance classes with social lives.

Coming off of midterms, many of us students took fall break to recover from pulling all nighters and putting in numerous hours needed to study for all of our big exams. Some teachers and professors give students some free absences they can use throughout the semester. Others do not make attendance mandatory for students, while there are those who make attendance absolutely mandatory.

There is not a balance in how teachers and professors run classes, and I think that University officials should step in and fix this for everyone including graduate students. Oregon back on July 1 passed a law that gave students five mental health days in a three month period. I don’t know about you but I would love to have five mental health days in that time period. All students could benefit from that at the end of the day and end up going back to class more motivated to learn.

I know that there are some negatives with giving students mental health days. I do not think that they outweigh the possible benefits mental health days can give across the board. Students can miss crucial lectures, notes, etc. While that is the case, teachers and professors can make those same notes and lectures available online. I have found being able to look back at the lectures online to be very helpful.

Students will not always feel the best every day of the week. When we’re not feeling 100%, I feel that our grades reflect that especially if we take a test feeling so depressed and stressed to the point that it makes us sick on test day, we will struggle more times than not. Being given the opportunity to possibly have mental health days will help improve students’ grades across the board.

Our mental health is very important in getting through this college experience. If we are not given the opportunity outside of the weekend to recover from the college students’ hectic weekly routine no matter what it entails, our mental wellbeing will end up going down more as we continue to push through each day until University officials all over make a change. If mental health days are given to students, the energy level will change all over campuses around the world.

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