Officials within the city of Greenville for the past couple of weeks have proposed changes in parking fees that will impact downtown Greenville. I believe that these parking fees will cause more problems for Greenville officials in the end as opposed to actually benefiting them.

The proposed parking changes will increase the parking fines up to 20 dollars from the previous dollar amount of five dollars for first-time offenses. On top of that, fees will be added to those who choose to park after 10 p.m., which will be 15 dollars. I feel that this is just another way for the city to get money off of everybody because being able to park at uptown is vital to everyone that stays or visits Greenville.

Taking a full look at what the CIty of Greenville proposed, it will affect those who live in uptown the most. Being that uptown has all of the nightlife activities from clubs, all the way to things such as both trivia and karaoke night at different venues, it has attracted people of all ages over the years. The proposed parking changes will begin to steer away customers from wanting to go uptown because of the complications with how to deal with being able to park their cars.

Every night of the week, numerous students attending East Carolina University and surrounding colleges and schools nearby Greenville find their way to uptown especially on Thursday nights through the weekend. Students already have enough problems with having to pay a lot of money for a parking pass on campus. There are times where they may want to go uptown and might want to park their car at uptown just so they won’t have to go far to get to it. Knowing that the fees to park uptown are going up more and more students may become hesitant to do that because if they are not careful they will be paying more than they had to before in the past.

Don’t get me wrong, you can go anywhere pretty much especially the big cities and deal with some type of parking issues/fees. For there to be proposed parking changes in the month of September when students are just getting back to school and the city of Greenville is getting full again there has to be some rethinking done.

I say that the proposed parking changes should not be implemented until January 2020, it will be a new year, new start, it seems ideal for something as big as how to fix the parking within the town with all of the construction that is going on throughout the city. People will not have as much as a hard time to adjust with the parking changes, even though the parking changes is just another way to make money off of everybody that drives through uptown in Greenville. For me it is too early to say how these parking changes will affect the city but I would say after a few months we will be able to truly see the impact of the decisions made by those who help run the town.

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