Recently, there has been a large uptake in the podcast scene. According to a study done by Edison Research, roughly thirty-three percent of Americans ages 25-54 listen to podcasts monthly. There are podcasts for everything and that is the future of media. We are seeing this uptake in podcasts because of people’s general interest in seeing and hearing topics they have a true interest in.

Too many people have lost interest in the original news outlets because it’s filled with nothing but sad, depressing, upsetting and disturbing stories and events. As a professional in the media world, I truly understand where people are on their stance. Although the traditional news outlets will forever remain important, these podcasts that are growing are helping to improve the dialogue going on in the world.

For example, the Joe Rogan Experience has on all types of guests and they and the eponymous host cover everything from aliens to economics and politics. The thing about a podcast like this is that it gets all walks of life to come together and hear different perspectives on a wide variety of topics.

Along with diversity, there is the more upbeat tone to these programs and there is the break from the mundane stories about murders and catastrophes.

We are seeing a transition from the original interest in the news to a newer more self-driven view of news. This transition is because of the longing for change in the media. The second reason is because of President Donald Trump and his blatant hatred for the media, then there is the final reason being people’s change of interest from what the media has provided year-in-and-year-out.

As a society, we are changing in what we want to see and hear in the media. We want to have our own interests fulfilled through different sources of news and entertainment. We all know that our interests are changing and we want satisfaction but in the end we will always need the daily news no matter how routine and gloomy it can be we need this info.

However, this new uptake in podcasts is great because it is creating dialogue about topics that some news organizations would never cover. The dialogues being created not only are healthy ones, but they are bringing new ideas to the surface to try and fix all sorts of problems or to adjust the situations we find ourselves in no matter who we are as individuals.

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