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The projected Fire Station Seven, which is currently in the design phase of its construction, provides residents of the Greenville community comfort in knowing Greenville Fire/Rescue (GFR) has the intention and goals to improve travel times.

Travel time is the amount of time it takes after leaving a station to arriving at the said destination.

Currently, GFR has six stations placed throughout various locations within the city’s limits. Greenville spans across 35 square miles within Pitt County, and each fire station is dedicated to providing services to protect people in the area.

Residences along Fire Tower Road, the proposed location for Fire Station Seven, have been experiencing increased travel times, reaching up to eight minutes, which is the main reasoning behind the plans to build an additional fire station.

By building a station on Fire Tower Road, GFR’s travel time to the area will improve by an estimated three to four minutes, taking the typical eight minutes down to four or five minutes, which would be the ideal amount of time.

We, the editorial staff of The East Carolinian, believe the addition of Fire Station Seven on Fire Tower Road will be beneficial to the local community once completed and shows that the City of Greenville cares about making strides to ensure the safety of its citizens.

Once completed construction is completed in the projected 20-22 months, Fire Station Seven will have great impacts on residents and guests of the Greenville community, and it will effectively provide services to an area which is currently not in close enough proximity to receive aid as quickly as surrounding locations.

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