I am appalled at ECU's decision to allow the "racist" Trump rally on the property of ECU's campus, especially days after his clearly racist comments for the four lady congresswomen of color to "go back to where they came from," a comment heard frequently in our racist past - like 40-50 years ago.

East Carolina University speaks with the forked tongue of hypocrisy. While pretending to be diverse and welcoming to all races, they allow overt racism to be spoken and celebrated on the main campus under the guise of "freedom of speech." Give me a break.

From what I have learned, hurtful rhetoric and racist policies and actions (like those at the borders filled with uncaring and hate), is different than freedom of speech. These people (Trump, the Republicans) are preaching and promoting exclusion to the max as they advocate removal of U.S. Citizens (the congresswomen) because they protest clearly racist views and policies.

I thought that we, as a country, had gone beyond that level of racism and hypocrisy, but apparently we have not, especially in the case of East Carolina University who says one thing but does others to promote this hate by giving Trump voice.

We are going backwards as a nation and ECU's forked tongue stance of allowing racist perpetrators to rally on campus embarrasses me.

John Goodie

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