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The City of Greenville is moving forward to implement changes to make the streets and sidewalks more biker and pedestrian friendly, which would positively impact the ECU community by making it safer for students, faculty and staff.

The month of May is National Bike Month throughout the United States, and Greenville took action by participating in the Ride of Silence event last Wednesday, May 15, which took place in Uptown.

The event was dedicated to honoring bikers who lost their lives or were injured while riding a bike, and it additionally advocated for safer roadways for individuals who choose to commute by means of cycling and walking.

Participants in the event, which included Greenville Mayor, P.J. Connelly, followed a set course throughout the city and rode in silence.

Several streets in Greenville, such as narrow sections of Evans Street which force cars and cyclists together in a dangerous manner, need to be topics of importance to city officials and subjects to improvements.

A significant amount of ECU students prefer to walk from their cars to campus, which holds a potential danger to their safety if transportation improvements aren’t made to make pedestrian conditions safer. Many students choose to ride bikes to classes and around campus, and similar threats to safety, which are impacting pedestrians have the potential to affect cyclists as well.

With the attention on bike and pedestrian safety throughout the month of May and focus to better roadways, we the editorial staff of The East Carolinian believe the City of Greenville is taking steps to ensure safer travels in the community.

Greenville is contributing “40 percent of costs for sidewalks on all future NCDOT (North Carolina Department of Transportation) road projects currently being planned,” according to Connelly. Bike lanes are set to be included in the projects, and various measures are being taken to improve the safety pedestrians and cyclists.

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