Here we go again. Recently, Trump tweeted a campaign video which included a new logo that serves as a promotional symbol for his re-election. This is a red, white & blue lion’s head surrounded by a ring of stars and accompanied by the words “KEEP AMERICA GREAT.” And understandably, the fact-checkers and pundits had a field day as soon as this thing appeared.

According to Vox, “A number of people noticed that it is nearly identical to one posted by VDare, an anti-immigration, Southern Poverty Law Center-designated ‘hate group’ whose website is a platform for white supremacy. That includes VDare publisher, Peter Brimelow himself, who has argued that America’s immigration policy is ‘Adolf Hitler’s posthumous revenge on America.” It should be no surprise to anyone that a “president” who’s a bigot, a racist and a xenophobe would find inspiration in a logo with a history like this one.

Speaking as a graphic designer, I found this mark closely resembles any of the many generic clip-art images that have appeared in numerous places over the years. I’m amazed to find that a man who claims to have billions would take the tightfisted approach and settle for the most pedestrian form of reheated visual communication. Barack Obama had the good sense and foresight to hire the outstanding designer, Shepard Fairey, to create the highly-original “Hope & Change” posters for his campaign.

And then, there are the incongruous words, “KEEP AMERICA GREAT.” Who in the world is he trying to kid? Trump ran on the slogans “Make America Great Again” and “Drain the Swamp.” Both were lies, and neither of which have actually happened since his inauguration in 2017. Trump has cruelly and methodically divided America along lines of race, creed, ethnicity and class, and has caused millions of citizens to fear each other. Not only has he failed to drain the swamp, he’s filled it to the brim with filthy, stagnant water and an endless assortment of insects, vermin and slime. Along those lines, Mitch McConnell and Bill Barr quickly come to mind.

Donald Trump is the consummate flimflam man who uses sleight-of-hand and the persona of P.T. Barnum to con gullible Americans into believing he’s a credible, respectable leader. Because of the damage he’s done to our culture, our society and nation, the 2020 election just might be the most important one in the last hundred years. Please be sure you’re registered to vote, and don’t oversleep on Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2020. The future of our children depends on you!

The opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author, and do not, in any way reflect the views of East Carolina University.

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