Uncertain times surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic have caused myriad changes to everyday life for just about everyone around the globe. From an extended spring break to the moving of courses to an online delivery, East Carolina University students are far from immune to the ramifications of social distancing.

On Monday, ECU announced undergraduate classes would be transitioning to a pass/fail grading scale, leaving the decision open for students to stick with their letter grade or select this new option.

We, the editorial staff of The East Carolinian, believe the pass/fail option accommodates the needs of all the students impacted by online course delivery and takes into account those who may struggle with online classes or may not have access to a stable internet connection while still rewarding those who are excelling in their current classes.

Finding an option that satisfies everyone, or at least the vast majority of people is often difficult to accomplish. By following in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s footsteps in this decision and allowing students to “mix and match” between letter grade and pass/fail, ECU is allowing students to take control of how they want to be graded for this semester.

With all that is going on in the world and the overwhelming nature of events, giving students back the power to decide plays a key role in making sure the switch to online courses goes as smoothly as possible for the remainder of the term.

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