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During East Carolina University’s fall semester of 2019, there have been six reported student deaths on campus. The ECU Center for Counseling and Student Affairs has been fully booked as of November, and has been overly busy through the fall semester.

We, the editorial staff of The East Carolinian, believe that the CCSA is doing all it can to help the needs of students. That being said, with the high demand of student appointments and low staffing of the center itself, the counseling center needs to be improved if it wants to properly meet the needs of the student body.

ECU’s CCSA has been booked for the remainder of the fall semester, causing students to have to wait until the spring semester to get a normal appointment. Students in need can get emergency counseling via the center’s “crisis hours” Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

According to Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Virginia Hardy, counseling appointments are up by 13%. That coupled with the fact that the CCSA has two job vacancies have been proving the center has not been properly equipped to deal with student needs.

Although it may have the availability for walk-in appointments during the “crisis hours” but the reality is that students cannot plan out times of need and personal emergencies. While some students may not mind being deferred to other locations on campus if the appointment is not dire, others may disagree. Especially if it is a true emergency and the student does not feel comfortable going to the hospital or off of campus to the Health Sciences Campus, those students may cause harm to oneself.

In order to preserve the health and emotional state of students at ECU, the CCSA needs to employ more workers and in turn make the center more available for those in need.

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